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Alexandra Gurule

Alexandra Gurule is earning her masters degree at the University of Houston, majoring in History and English. She has worked as a data specialist for the 1771 project, researching female authorship in the late 18th century, and as a research assistant for Procope in Enlightenment Philosophy, writing The Emergence of a Middling Class: Concepts of Enfranchisement in a Bourgeois Society. In the summer of 2022, she received funding from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation for a yearlong research project and paper, Foundation of Britain: From Wodin to Christ: The Early Stages of the Heptarchy. She is continuing that research into an honors thesis, currently centered around religious and political tensions under Dane occupation and will defend it in the spring of 2023. She will then pursue a Ph.D. in Medieval History and Literature, focusing on Viking Age England and the Scandinavian Migration. Alexandra’s research centers on mass Christian conversion and crypto-Paganism within Norse tribes, how this impacted the Vikings during the Heptarchy, and the emergence of the Danelaw. She hopes that her research and passion into Medieval England will help return some cultural autonomy to the Norse societies, demystify Pagan cultures, and explore how such a complex people influenced the Christian world.

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Alexandra Gurule