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Mark Jernigan

Mark Jernigan worked as an engineer and manager at the NASA Johnson Space Center. For over 40 years and has now joined Rice Space Institute as an Associate Director for projects. Mr. Jernigan is responsible for developing ideas for collaborations between Rice and external entities and expanding sponsored research and projects brokered by RSI. Mark served at NASA in several leadership roles, the most recent of which was his position as Assistant Director for Exploration for the Human Health and Performance Directorate. He was responsible for providing crew health and performance expertise to support design, development, test and evaluate what the next generation of human spacecraft and systems needed to accomplish deep space missions. He also led the development of the Directorate’s technology proposal strategy, worked on quantitative methods to characterize human system risks in terms of mission and architecture characteristics, and served as Environmental Control and Life Support manager for the NEXTStep program.

Mark received his Bachelor of Science in Aero Engineering from Texas A&M and his Master of Science in Systems Design and Management from MIT.

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Space Exploration and Commercialization

Mark Jernigan