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Peter C. Caldwell, Ph.D.

Peter C. Caldwell, Ph.D., is Samuel G. McCann Professor of History at Rice University. He is a Humboldt Fellow and has received grants from the DAAD and the Humboldt Foundation, as well as a residential fellowship at the Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University. An award-winning teacher, he offers courses at Rice University on the comparative political history of Europe, German history, the history of European thought, and most recently on the relationship between authoritarianism, constitutionalism, and democracy. In 2001 he received the Faculty Teaching and Mentoring Award of the Graduate Student Association, and in 2016 the George R. Brown Award for Superior Teaching. He is a co-founder of the program in Politics, Law and Social Thought at Rice. Professor Caldwell has written five books and many articles, mostly concentrating on democracy, law, economics, and the state in German history. In fall 2022, he has offered a special course on “The Russo-Ukrainian War: Institutions, Ideologies, and Effects.”