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Seymour Rossel

Rabbi Seymour Rossel is himself a bit of a wizard. He is the author of The Essential Jewish Stories, The Wise Folk of Chelm, and more than thirty other books. He has edited some 300 books by many distinguished authors. He remains the President of Rossel Books. In his Houston sojourn, he relished teaching for many years at the Women’s Institute of Houston and serving as Rabbi of Congregation Jewish Community North in Spring. In his career, he was Dean of the School of Education at Hebrew Union College, NY; head of education for the North American Jewish Reform movement; and Executive Vice-President of Behrman House publishers. He was well-known for his “Rossel talks” long before there were “Ted talks;” and he thinks he is now old enough to remember when the Dead Sea was still living. He now resides in Dallas, but loves rejoining the flow at WIH and seeing so many friends, old and new.