Jun 23

2023 in the Land of the Free: Monthly Political Roundup | June

Keir Murray

The 2022 midterm elections have come and gone, with some surprising results. How did each major political party fare, and how healthy is American democracy in the aftermath? A new, closely divided Congress has been seated; will they be able to work together, or will polarization continue to rule the day?

Inflation and the war in Ukraine continue to roil the international landscape, challenging American leadership at home and abroad. The Texas Legislature is in session in Austin with Republican trifecta control of state government cemented for the next two years. And the 2024 presidential nomination competition is already underway. Will it be a Biden vs. Trump rematch, or will two new standard bearers emerge?

These topics and others will be explored as we survey current events and how they affect the political landscape in the U.S. and here in Texas.

This class will be held onsite at WIH and simulcast via Zoom



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