Oct 06

Art Loot, Theft, Return, and Restitution

Helga Aurisch, Ph.D.

A topic that is much discussed in the art world today, is the complex problem of Art Loot, Theft, Return, and Restitution. It involves many actors—private collectors, governments, and special interest groups— and each case comprises ethical, moral, and political components, not just art historic ones. It is also a topic that has a very long and complex history. Grave robbers have been busy since the times of the pharaohs. For centuries soldiers of all armies were enticed to fight by the promise of loot with which to enhance their meager pay. And today, previous colonial powers grapple with the accusations of exploitation of the global south. This talk aims to shed some light on the complex circumstances surrounding some of today’s hotly debated questions of return and restitution.

This class will be held in-person at WIH and simulcast via Zoom



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