Nov 10

China, Russia, & US: How Cynical & Calculating Legacies Will Shape Ukraine, Taiwan, & the World | Nov 10

Ronan O'Malley

Over the course of three lectures, Ronan O’Malley, Chief Programs Officer of World Affairs Council of Greater Houston, will help us navigate the complicated and surprising relations of the U.S., China and Russia (and former USSR) during the decades since the Russian & Chinese Revolutions. All 3 have had periods of alliances and cooperation in addition to conflict and confrontation with one another.

More importantly, how have those years of both cold opportunism and distrust impacted the difficult and potentially dangerous relations of today? How have they shaped the anti-Western mindsets of both President Xi and President Putin? What realities of the regimes of today's Russia and China define and influence: the War in Ukraine, the possibility of a war for Taiwan, and future hopes for stability in the world? We will unpack it all during these enlightening sessions.

Additional Lectures in this series: September 22 & October 20

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This class will be held in-person at WIH and simulcast via Zoom



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