Feb 18

Cryptocurrency – An Introduction (Prerecorded Video)

Jill Carroll

Normally, Dr. Jill Carroll lectures on philosophy, literature, world religions, and current trends in religion and society. In this lecture, however, she shares her insights on a new asset class that’s all the rage now: cryptocurrency. You know...bitcoin and all its friends. She defines what exactly a cryptocurrency is - is it real money? Can I buy something with it at Starbucks or Amazon? What is money anyway - and what makes it real? More importantly, she discusses what is arguably most revolutionary about cryptocurrency, which is the technology that undergirds it: called the blockchain. The blockchain today is like the World Wide Web was in 1990 - very new, highly innovative, largely misunderstood by the professionals or authorities in global business, finance, etc., and capable of literally changing life as we know it (and likely to do so). If you’ve heard the buzz on the news and from your younger friends, but didn’t understand it, this is the class for you. You will come away with a clearer understanding of what cryptocurrency is, what the different “coins” are (i.e. bitcoin, ethereum, chainlink, dogecoin, and many dozens of others), why some people are so scared of it, and why others are so excited about it. Jill has been a crypto investor since 2017 and spends lots of time each week learning and investigating various projects in this asset class. She also places this technological revolution into a larger historical context in which the nuts and bolts of how we do things end up altering life as we know it. The crypto revolution may very well be one of those historical moments.

Prerecorded Video.



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