Oct 08

Dynamic Watercolor Painting Workshop: Windy October

Sheila Zeve Lipkin

The scene portrays a windy and perhaps cool day in the fall. On the bank of the ocean, the beautiful colors of fall are seen in the leaves of the tree with the water revealing strong winds. Demonstrations for elements to be painted will be presented at the beginning of the workshop. Personal photos may be brought in as well that relate to the scene provided.

*If you are new to watercolor painting, it is a prerequisite to take one of the Dynamic Watercolor Painting Workshop: Introduction classes being offered.

Materials needed:
Boxed set of paints

Additional colors: burnt sienna, buff titanium, undersea green (undersea green available Daniel Smith paints), quinacridone gold, quinacridone magenta

Number 8 round brush and 3/4-inch flat brush. Squirrel hair brush suggested

Large plastic palette

Small spray bottle for water

Tablet watercolor paper, cold press

Board to place paper while painting


palette knife

*This is a limited enrollment class.

This class will be held in-person at WIH



Class Tuition

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Price is per student. Class tuition is non-refundable.