Nov 03

Eveli Sabatie - A Jeweler’s Memoir: A Conversation with Dr. Anna Tahinci & Book Signing

Anna Tahinci, Ph.D.

Eveli Sabatie is a visionary jewelry designer, whose artwork is sought after by museums and collectors around the world. She is traveling to The Women’s Institute of Houston for an exclusive conversation with art historian Dr. Anna Tahinci where they will explore Eveli’s life and art. She will also present and sign her book, Eveli: A Jeweler’s Memoir.*

Her memoir is an intimate journey through her life, work, and influences such as Hopi artist Charles Loloma, her mentor. Narrated by the artist, demonstrating her deep personal connection to nature, her highly artistic book gathers stories and poems as well as photographs of stunning Hopi and Moroccan-inspired mosaic jewelry.

This book explores her creative process through five sections: THE JOURNEY, a biographical overview of her time at the Hopi reservation in Northern Arizona, where she apprenticed under Charles Loloma; CLOUDS AND RAIN, exploring the influence of the Hopi and the desert on her work; BEING HOME, which talks in greater detail about Eveli's relationship with the environment; BEING HUMAN, a philosophical study of humanity through jewelry; and BRANCHING OUT, which features Eveli's other artworks, which are sought after by collectors from around the world. This is a profound reflection on the earth, through the medium of jewelry.

Eveli has continued to create and inspire, working in Santa Fe and Tucson, where she currently resides. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet her and hear her story! Eveli will sign your copy of her book* after the conversation.

*You can order the book in preparation for the book signing: Eveli: A Jeweler’s Memoir

This event has been generously co-underwritten by Mimi Lloyd and Mary K & Bruce Stram.

This class will be held in-person at WIH and simulcast via Zoom



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