Sep 27

Fall Bird Migrations around Houston: Get Out Your Binoculars!

Glenn Olsen

They’re coming! And most us will miss seeing these beautiful, amazing creatures only because we do not realize this is happening in our parks and neighborhoods!

Three to five billion birds migrate in and out of North America every year. They make this astonishing flight in the spring for breeding and then again in the fall to return to their winter homes. Some winter as far south as the tip of South America!

We are fortunate that the Houston, Galveston, Lake Jackson region is geographically located in the central flyway that many of these birds use every year. Prime fall migration is August through early November.

Why do birds migrate? How do they navigate across such enormous distances, and how dangerous is their journey? What do birds do to prepare for migration? We will explore the dangers faced, perils endured, and the almost unbelievable physiology of birds that migrate. In this presentation we will look into the lives of some unique birds that migrate through our coastal marshes, prairies, and woodlands. Participants will learn where to go in our area to witness this astonishing migration!

Live Zoom Webinar with Q&A.



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