Feb 22

History Hounds with Irene Guenther: Cold War | Feb 22

Irene Guenther

In this class, Dr. Guenther will “sniff out” little-known history subjects and maybe even help us think differently about well-known historical topics.

This class topic: Cold War: Red Scare, Red Hair, Red Herring, and a Rock Band

From Dr. Guenther - In my effort to introduce stories that you might not be familiar with, our theme for this class is “red” – the 1st and 2nd Red Scares in the United States, a red-haired star who was accused of being a communist, a Cold War effort to stop Russian spying, which gave birth to the term “red herring,” and a rock band whose number one hit song not only (supposedly) helped to bring about the fall of the Berlin Wall, but also might have been penned by the C.I.A. No, I will not wear red to the class!

This class will be held onsite at WIH and simulcast via Zoom.

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