Jan 25

History Hounds with Irene Guenther: Borders and Walls | Jan 25

Irene Guenther

In this class, Dr. Guenther will “sniff out” little-known history subjects and maybe even help us think differently about well-known historical topics.

This class topic: Borders and Walls: Geographic(al), Constructed, and Imagined

We’ll start this class by examining a “wall” at the U.S. southern border, which was put into place in 1916, was fueled by notions derived from the eugenics movement and progressive-era ideas about alien germs, and remained intact for more than 40 years. Other walls and borders that we will discuss include a geographical border representing a gateway to freedom to Europeans fleeing the Nazis, but which seemed to change on an almost daily basis; the Berlin Wall and “the wall in the head” that continued long after the iconographic Cold War wall fell; the imagined border between the South and North during the decades-long Jim Crow era; and the proliferation of red-lined maps that exemplified constructed borders in American cities, as well as an 8-mile wall in one of those cities that was built in response to the Great Migration. Consequences of borders and walls, both real and imagined, have been wide-ranging and long-lasting. I hope you will be willing to share an example of a consequential border or wall as we wrap up the class.

This class will be held onsite at WIH and simulcast via Zoom.

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