Feb 01

Latin America: History, Politics, and Culture

Nicolas Shumway

Latin America is the vast and diverse portion of the Americas comprising areas where languages derived from Latin are predominantly spoken. The term was coined in the nineteenth century, to refer to regions in the Americas that were ruled by the Spanish, Portuguese, and French empires. The term does not have a precise definition, but it is commonly used to describe South America, Central America, Mexico, and the islands of the Caribbean.

Using a cross-disciplinary and multinational approach, this course offers a sampling of major themes in the history, politics, and cultures of Latin America. Themes include pre-conquest Indigenous societies, the Portuguese and Spanish invasions, colonial life under Spain and Portugal, independence movements and nation formation, and an overview of current Latin American topics. There are no required readings for this lecture series, although .pdf files of relevant readings will be available to students. Many of these readings will be referenced in the lectures, but students are not expected to read them unless they want to.

Seven-Week Course Schedule | Wednesdays
Feb 01 | 1:00 PM
Feb 08 | 1:00 PM
Feb 15 | 1:00 PM
Feb 22 | 1:00 PM
Mar 01 | 1:00 PM
Mar 08 | 1:00 PM
No class on Mar 15
Mar 22 | 1:00 PM

This class will be held onsite at WIH and simulcast via Zoom



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