Sep 24

Oddities in the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Copper Scroll

Seymour Rossel

Still the greatest archaeological discovery of modern times, the Dead Sea Scrolls clarify what was going on in Judaea from 300 BCE to the close of the first century CE while posing many mysteries and conundrums that occupy not only scholars but everyone interested in the Holy Land of Judaism, Christianity, and later Islam. In Cave 3, archaeologists found what no one could possibly have imagined. Either it is the most elaborate hoax of history or it is a treasure map of extreme importance. But to open it was no easy task, since the scroll was made of copper. To read it is no easy task, since the scroll is purposely secretive. To know what it is and what it is not is the greatest task of all. But let us examine, with ancient and modern eyes, the meaning of the “Copper Scroll”.

In this day and age of staying indoors, you will find this examination of the environs of ancient Jerusalem, ancient Qumran, and the Dead Sea area a breath of fresh air. That is, a breath of 2,000-year-old “fresh” air. Come and have a look!

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