Feb 02

Sex, Drugs & Other Stuff Your Mother Didn’t Tell You About Religion (3 Week Online Course)

Jill Carroll

The world’s religions are mirrors of human beings and culture. As such, they reflect our highest ideals as well as our deepest flaws—and everything in between. In these sessions, we will discuss the ways in which religion engages with some of the most exciting, scandalous and (dare we say) weird aspects of the human experience. In session one, we will look at how the world’s religions actively engage the sexual dimension of human life through practices like tantra, temple prostitution and the like. In session two, we will explore the ways in which ingesting substances or “drugs” has played a pivotal role in powerful religious experience. Finally, in session three, we will look at some of the paranormal aspects of religion—things like clairvoyance, time travel, near death experiences, and other things that can’t be explained completely by western, scientific analysis. The goal is for us to come away with a deeper appreciation for the depths and complexities of the world’s religions as more than just systems of rigid moralities and oppressions, and far more than just something that “nice” people do on Sunday mornings.

Online Zoom Meeting

Three week class schedule:
Wednesday, Feb 02 | 1:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb 09 | 1:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb 16 | 1:00 PM



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Price is per student. Class tuition is non-refundable.