Oct 02

Space to Breathe: How Space Technology is Helping Tackle Climate Change

David Alexander

The famous “Earth Rise” picture taken by Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders on December 24, 1968, was the first time we were able to capture a picture of our entire planet from space allowing us to consider, for the first time, the idea that the Earth was an integrated ecological system. Since that first iconic photograph, space observations have played a pivotal role in understanding our planet, the effects of climate change over multiple spatial and temporal scales and, through space exploration more generally, in developing technologies that may help mitigate these effects. In this lecture, Dr. Alexander will discuss several ways in which space exploration can have a significant influence on how we tackle the climate change issue and, in particular, on four distinct categories: Information, Innovation, Imagination and Inspiration.

This class will be held onsite at WIH and simulcast via Zoom.



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