The History of Argentine Tango

Natalia Milanesio

This lecture explores the origins of Argentine Tango in the late 19th century and its development as a musical genre and dance that, by the mid-twentieth century, had conquered the world. Born in the margins of Buenos Aires and among the poor, tango was repressed and condemned by the Argentine elites and the middle classes as "scandalous" and "vulgar". After its boom in Europe in the 1920s, tango was embraced by all Argentines becoming the icon of national identity that is today. This lecture discusses this social and cultural history and examines the African and European influences of tango, the role of women in tango culture, the rise of Carlos Gardel--the ultimate international tango star in the 1920s and 1930s--and how radio and cinema turned tango into a global phenomenon. Music and video will illustrate all arguments discussed in this talk.

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