Apr 03

The Murray Report: Monthly Political Roundup | April

Richard Murray, Ph.D.

By April, most of the Republican and Democratic delegates to the summer party conventions will have been chosen, almost certainly locking in the prospective Democratic and Republican nominees, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. This sets up the longest general election campaign in American history between the oldest finalists and, arguably, the least popular with voters. While there will likely be little drama in the remaining state primaries, Biden and Trump will face very serious challenges before their respective party conventions in July and August. Biden must manage two foreign wars that threaten to fragment the diverse Democratic coalition that narrowly won the Electoral College in 2020. And voters say they are more concerned about the president's age and ability to serve out another four-year term than is the case with the only slightly younger former president. But Mr. Trump faces mounting problems with civil lawsuits and fines that complicate his unfolding campaign, plus 91 criminal indictments in four different federal and state courts. These unprecedented circumstances mean NO ONE knowns how this contest in a highly polarized nation will play out in 2024.

Closer to home, 2024 also promises to be eventful here in the state of Texas with all the state’s representatives in both the Texas and U.S. houses on the ballot, along with other federal, state, and local officials. Major issues in our state – immigration, border security, and school vouchers – continue to go unresolved, and will no doubt be the focus on the campaign trail leading the way to the ballot box in November.

Join Dr. Richard Murray for an up to date look at what is happening in the political atmosphere here in the state of Texas, and around the country.

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