Jan 17

The Murray Report | The Parties Decide: An Epic Presidential Election Looms

Richard Murray, Ph.D.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump appear on track to lock down their respective party nominations in early March 2024. How did this come to pass? A majority of voters tell pollsters they do not want a rerun of the 2020 General Election. Yet, Trump and Biden seem unstoppable in their quest to secure the Republican and Democratic nominations.

This class will focus on the various factors that have created this likely, if not popular, rematch. These include the fact that our complicated electoral rules and 200-year tradition make it almost impossible for a third party or independent candidate to seriously challenge the major party nominees. And within the two-party system, the delegate-selection rules give an incumbent president a huge advantage in beating back any challenger. On the Republican side, former President Trump has used his fundraising edge and deep support within the Republican base to pull far ahead of the half-dozen GOP challengers heading into 2024.

But likely outcomes do not always come to pass. President Biden turned 81 in November 2023. Donald Trump will be 78 a few months later. Biden's friends concede he has lost a step (or two). One trip-and-fall on camera and/or senior moment could upend Biden's path to the nomination. On the other side, Mr. Trump faces 91 indictments in four federal and state cases and must devote more and more time and money to his legal problems just as the GOP race enters the critical early weeks of 2024. So, things could change. Very quickly.

Our class will pick up the nomination race in mid-January as Trump challengers like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis push most of their chips into the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus. Then, Trumps' strongest critics like former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie must score in the New Hampshire primary, where registered Independents can cast ballots in the GOP primary. And if the South Carolina Republicans Nicki Haley and Tim Scott have any hope of securing the nomination they must win the Palmetto State primary in late February. With the prelims out of the way, on Tuesday March 5th, Texas, California, and a dozen other states pick their delegates. If Trump and Biden run the table, as now seems likely, the nomination fight is over and the nation heads into an eight-month General Election campaign unlike any in American history. But that is a subject for another class!

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Jan 17 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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This class will be held in-person at WIH and simulcast via Zoom. Live streaming includes access to Q&A.



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