Jan 02

What is Going on In Europe? (Prerecorded on Feb 23, 2022)

Ursula Muenzel, Ph.D.

Many Americans might be asking themselves—What is going on in Europe?

Panta rhei – everything is in flux – this is what a Greek philosopher stated, and it is as true today as it was more than two millenia ago. When – only a few months ago – I submitted a short summary of what I was going to talk about, the focus was on Brexit and its consequences, the new German government, the up-coming elections in France, the autocratic regimes in Poland and Hungary, and the up-rising against Europe’s last communist ruler in Belarus. This changed dramatically within the last few weeks, when the brewing Russian-Ukrainian conflict started to escalate with the massive deployment of Russian troops along the border of both countries. Now, I am constantly asked “So, what will happen with the Ukraine? Will Putin eventually invade the country? What should be the West’s response? Are the US and Europe in synch how to counter or do they pursue different strategies? Will sanctions work? Will the US be dragged into another war?” I don’t have a crystal ball to give a straight answer. What I will do is to provide some background information on this conflict, what the positions of the US and the European countries are, and to sketch out some possible scenarios.

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