Oct 13

What’s Going on In Europe? (Fall 2024)

Ursula Muenzel, Ph.D.

Who dares to predict what the situation will look like in Europe this Fall? Everything is in flux, and things are changing at lightning speed. Who would have foreseen that a war, raging in the heart of Europe, is now in its third year? What will be the outcome of the elections to the European parliament in June? And will the continuous rise of right-wing parties be confirmed in the up-coming elections in some of the German states? Professor Muenzel will be sure to cover the major issues happening in Europe at the time of her talk and sharing her insight.

Ursula Muenzel holds a Ph.D. in modern history from the University in Würzburg, has taught international relations in a variety of countries, and has published books and articles on this topic. A former researcher in the German Ministry of Foreign Relations and spouse of a diplomat, she has an intrinsic insight into the mechanics of European politics.

This class will be held in-person at WIH and simulcast via Zoom



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