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Nichole Watts

A native Houstonian, Nichole is passionate about education and serving others. For over 5 years, Nichole worked in the administration for St. Mark’s Children’s Development Center, a non-profit early education school for pre-school aged children in the Houston Heights. Here, as the Assistant Director and Teacher Liaison on the school board, she worked alongside other administrators, teachers, board members and parents in facilitating school operations, faculty management, student enrollment and school fundraising. After her time at St. Mark’s CDC, Nichole co-founded a personal assistant business that worked with both local businesses and individuals alike in carrying out day-to-day tasks as well as large organizational and seasonal projects. No matter the position, her true joy has always been helping others find self-fulfillment and achievement by creating the most positive, encouraging and welcoming environments possible. In her free time, she likes to read and travel with her family. Today, Nichole happily lives in West University with her wonderful husband of 21 years, Thomas, and her 3 beautiful children.