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Shea Hill

Shea has enjoyed a long career managing non-profit organizations, including many wonderful years at The Museum of Natural Science and The Houston Zoo. She has worked at WIH since 2018, and was a student for many years before joining the staff. A native Louisianian, Shea earned a BS in General Studies from Louisiana State University with a concentration in Social Sciences. She moved to Houston shortly thereafter and went on to earn an MBA from the University of Houston. Growing up with many teachers in the family, she was encouraged to view education as a gift, and one she never takes for granted. Her favorite part of working at the Women’s Institute is the opportunity she has to meet and learn from the many professors and experts that teach at WIH. She especially enjoys talking with students and hearing their stories. And, having been raised in Louisiana, it should be no surprise that she loves having a good time, listening to music, storytelling, eating great food, and cooking. One of her favorite activities in Houston is trying out new restaurants with cuisine from other parts the world. Shea also loves being outdoors, gardening, and birding. She lives with her husband and their two children in a lovely, 103-year-old bungalow in the Heights.