Jan 08

Women on the Move in Houston: The 1977 National Women’s Conference and its Legacy (Prerecorded Video)

Leandra Zarnow, Ph.D., Nancy Young, Ph.D.

In celebration of women’s history month, this lecture will uncover the local, statewide, and national imprint of the 1977 National Women’s Conference held in Houston. Have you ever wondered why Houston was selected to host the first and only federal national women’s conference? Did you know that this was a meeting point for Barbara Jordan, Ann Richards, Sylvia Garcia, and other women luminaries of Texas politics? Are you surprised that this historic gathering is largely forgotten in national memory?

Find out more and learn about the intergenerational project at University of Houston, Sharing Stories from 1977, seeking to document this history largely for the first time. We will share this effort to write “big biography” by highlighting some of the Texas delegates that demonstrate why the National Women’s Conference was a pivotal event that has shaped US politics since.

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