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Isabelle Perreau

Isabelle Perreau is a native French speaker born in Angers, the Loire Valley, France. She earned a Masters degree with honors in Philosophy at the Paris Univerisity of Nanterre. She later moved to Caracas, Venezuela, with her husband, a French diplomat, and began a new career as a psychoanalyst with ten years of training at “La Escuela del Campo Freudiano” of Jaques Lacan, the famous French philosopher. She also began to work at the Alliance Française while living in Caracas. In 2000, she moved to Texas and continued her teaching at the Alliance Française of Houston, where she still is the Conseillère Pédagogique. She is also a professional photographer at Archway Gallery and has published a book of her work, Sundays Around the Pearl of the Prairie, featuring her photographs in and around El Campo, Texas.

With Ms. Perreau’s extensive education and world travel experience, she is able to offer her students serious and interesting conversations, relevant debates, deep analysis of a large range of subjects including politics, art and culture, history, literature, French/European traditions, and travel.

Courses Currently Teaching

Apr 19

French: Beginners 2 | Spring

Isabelle Perreau

Apr 21

Intermediate/Advanced French

Isabelle Perreau