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Dr. Michael Winters

Michael Winters, Ph.D., has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Memphis. He holds a diplomate in Logotherapy (meaning-centered psychotherapy). A licensed psychologist in Texas, Dr. Winters has held numerous leadership positions in the mental health field: former Director of the Rice University Counseling Center, former president of the Houston Psychological Association, and former Chairperson of Education and Credentialing at the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy. He is currently in full-time independent practice of psychology (, where he focuses on couples counseling (for example, and retirement transition coaching ( Dr. Winters has helped hundreds of clients develop more satisfying lives as a counselor. As a counseling educator, he has helped hundreds of students develop more profound therapy skills (including students from Russia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Pakistan, Canada, and Australia). As a teacher and professional speaker, Dr. Winters has presented life-changing classes and workshops to thousands. An award-winning speaker and storyteller, he explains complex ideas in understandable and often humorous ways. His proudest achievement is grand-parenting.

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Sep 11

Transforming Your Relationships: Master the Secrets

Dr. Michael Winters