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Michelle Helene Belco, Ph.D., J.D.

Michelle Helene Belco, J.D., Ph.D., is an instructor in political science in the Honors College. She entered teaching several years ago after taking a circuitous path through art, engineering, law, and finally, political science. She teaches courses on the United States and Texas Constitutions, American Political Institutions. Health Policy and Administration, Immigration Policy in the United States, and The Politics of Energy and the Environment. She is a mentor and thesis advisor for Honors students in the field of health, disabilities, and immigration. She volunteered for several years as a judge for Mock Trial and Moot Court competitions for her former law school. Her research focuses on the presidents and their use of administrative policy and how agencies carry out the presidents’ orders. She has authored and coauthored articles on the presidency that have been published in academic journals, encyclopedias, book chapters, and a 2017 book entitled, The Dual Executive: Unilateral Power in a Separated and Shared System.

Courses Currently Teaching

May 24

The Constitution: A Literal Look from a 2024 Perspective

Michelle Helene Belco, Ph.D., J.D.